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  • Frustrated with never-ending Coding department headaches?
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    Our clients across the U.S. struggle to recruit and sustain good coding support. Unfortunately, our colleges prepare students to pass their credentialing exams, but do little to train good Coders. Much of this process is learned "on the job" which leads to:

    • Lost reimbursement
    • Compliance risk
    • Denied claims
    • High DNFB levels
    • Cashflow delays
    • Coder turnover

    With today's regulatory climate and transition to value-based reimbursement, accuracy has never been more important. Since the implementation of ICD-10, Coders have been challenged to keep-up with thousands of Medicare/Medicaid regulations. They're also required to work in close collaboration with Clinical Documentation Teams, Physicians, Compliance department, Revenue Integrity and Quality / Case Management departments.

    Whether you need backlog coding support or complete outsourcing, HIP is the industry leader. We deliver outstanding coding quality, production and accuracy. Our dual-credentialed coding staff brings 10+ years of experience to each new assignment, and best of all … we mobilize quickly to deliver exceptional results.

    Facility Coding

    • Inpatient Observation
    • Same-day surgery
    • Emergency department
    • Injection & infusion
    • Ancillary
    • Interventional radiology
    • Oncology
    • Cardiac
    • Long length-of-stay
    • Skilled nursing
    • Rehab
    • Physical Therapy
    • HCC coding
    • Evaluation & Management

    Physician Professional-Fee

    • Allergy Coding
    • Anesthesiology Coding
    • Bariatric Medicine – Surgery coding
    • Burn Coding
    • Cardiac Catherization Coding
    • Cardiology Medical Coding
    • Cardiothoracic Surgery Coding
    • Cardiovascular Surgery Coding
    • Colorectal Surgery Coding
    • Dermatology Coding
    • Electrophysiology Coding
    • Emergency Medicine Coding
    • Endocrinology Coding
    • Evaluation & Management Coding
    • Family Practice Coding
    • Gastroenterology Coding
    • Gynecologic Oncology Coding
    • Hematology/Oncology Coding
    • Hospitalist Coding
    • Infectious Disease Coding
    • Internal Medicine Coding
    • Intensivist Coding (adult)
    • Interventional Radiology Coding
    • Medical Genetics Coding
    • Neonatology Coding
    • Nephrology Coding
    • Neurology Coding
    • Neuroradiology Coding
    • Neurosurgery Coding
    • Nuclear Medicine Coding
    • Occupational Medicine Coding
    • Ophthalmology Coding
    • Oral Surgery Coding
    • Ophthalmology Coding
    • Oral Surgery Coding
    • Orthopedic Medical Coding
    • Pain Management Coding
    • Palliative Care Coding
    • Pathology Coding
    • Intensivist Coding (Pediatric)
    • Pediatric Surgery Coding
    • Physical Medicine Coding
    • Plastic/Recon. Surgery Coding
    • Podiatry Coding
    • Pulmonary Medicine Coding
    • Radiation Oncology Coding
    • Radiology Coding
    • Rheumatology Coding
    • Surgical Coding
    • Surgical Oncology Coding
    • Thoracic Surgery Coding
    • Transplant Surgery Coding
    • Urology Coding
    • Wound Care Coding

    And more...

    HIP fees are based on a fair "by the chart" fee schedule. No minimum or maximum volume requirements, no long term contracts.
    Our coders reside in the U.S. and are authorized to work in this country. We do no off-shoring, nor do we hire foreign coders, independent contractors or recent college graduates.

    - HIP fees are based on a fair "by the chart" fee schedule.
    - No minimum or maximum volume requirements, no long term contracts.
    - Our coders reside in the U.S. We do not export U.S. jobs to foreign countries.

    HIP staff comply with the following hiring standards:

    • Pre-employment drug testing
    • Pre-employment criminal record search
    • Pre-employment OIG Exclusion List verification
    • Pre-employment credentialing verification
    • Pre-employment proficiency exams
    • Prior employment verification
    • U.S. employment verification eligibility

    Flexible, Responsive & Accountable: For more than 25 years, HIP has delivered honest value, high quality Coding and superior production. We are committed to professional excellence!

    • HIP staff members are certified with AHIMA/AAPC
    • HIP staff members are committed to on-going "monthly" quality assurance
    • HIP Coders are dual credentialed with 10+ years of Coding expertise
    • HIP Coding Supervisors are dual credentialed with 20+ years of Coding expertise

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