Health Information Partners® Coding Tips

October Coding Tip —Chronic Venous Embolism and Thrombosis. (pdf)
July Coding Tip — Malnutrition. (pdf)
April Coding Tip — Late Effect of Cerebrovascular Accident Hemiplegia. (pdf)
February Coding Tip — Late Effect of Cerebrovascular Accident. (pdf)
January Coding Tip — Excision of Soft Tissue Tumors. (pdf)
December Coding Tip — H1N1 Influenza-Swine Flu. (pdf)
September Coding Tip — Facet Joint Injections. (pdf)
August Coding Tip — FINAL RULE Fiscal Year 2010. (pdf)
July Coding Tip — When to Report the CPT Codes for Removal of Hardware Multiple Times. (pdf)
June Coding Tip — Orqis Device Insertion for CHF. (pdf)



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